Anouk Wipprecht, the Dutch high-tech fashion designer, has unveiled a new 3D-printed futuristic dress that responds to its environment using LEDs. Created in collaboration with Chromatic 3D Materials, a 3D printing technology company, the motion-activated design is one of the world’s first to directly integrate electronics into 3D-printed elastomers. Her creation showcases what the future of creative expression and social interaction may look like as humanity further integrates with technology. Wipprecht’s design will be showcased next week at Formnext, a 3D printing event in Germany.

The partnership between Wipprecht and Chromatic demonstrates the synergy between fashion and technology. Their concept comes to life thanks to ultrasonic sensors on the dress’s collar and around approximately 75 3D-printed flexible LED domes with integrated RGB lights. The lighting can be customized with different colors, catering to various moods and settings. The overall design has a dynamic visual effect while remaining easy to wear, wash, and maintain.

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