Embark on a guided tour to explore one of Medellin’s textile clusters. Discover manufacturing processes and final products in clothing outlets, with hotel pickup and drop-off included.

Colombia’s fabric manufacturers face financial challenges due to Mexico’s duty-free status, making fabrics cheaper. Some struggle against cheaper Chinese imports.

El Poblado, a modern Medellin neighborhood, features trendy shops, restaurants, and the Plaza Botero public park. Santafe and Oviedo shopping malls showcase global and local favorites.

Envigado, in Antioquia Province, is home to factories and companies like Sofasa, Renault, and Exito Grocery Store. Parque Envigado offers a charming spot for locals during Christmas light shows.

Explore El Centro, the largest city in Imperial Valley, known for its vibrant culture and entertainment. The city, below sea level, boasts wrought-iron balconies and a Moorish entrance arch.

La Candelaria, a UNESCO-listed neighborhood in Colombia’s capital, features cobblestone streets and centuries-old houses. It’s a bohemian hub with cafes, restaurants, and theaters.

Discover the Coltejer tower and Junin Street’s pedestrian boulevard in La Candelaria, adding to the rich cultural legacy of this captivating neighborhood.

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